Queens ASN Fall 2011 Perspective Students

  1. 0 For those applying or anyone that has been accepted, do you know what the minimum Kaplan score is for acceptance? Also has anyone ever been accepted there with a 3.3 gpa? I just would like to have a general idea of where I stand :/ TIA for any info!

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    I'm wondering myself! I just received my letter Friday stating that I was on the waitlist. I wonder what my odds are of getting in at this point...I am still waiting on another school as well. Have you received you letter?
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    Oops typo....I meant "your" letter
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    Good luck! I will graduate this fall from Queens. I know that they are cutting enrollment for fall to 40 students, so the criteria has definitely increased.
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    Congrats!!! I know you are excited about being almost done! Yeah I know...only 40 slots! That's why I'm worried about being on the waitlist.

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