Part Time BSN/Diploma programs in Charlotte area? Part Time BSN/Diploma programs in Charlotte area? | allnurses

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Part Time BSN/Diploma programs in Charlotte area?

  1. 0 I have applied at Mercy SON b/c they have a part time program. I cannot attend school full-time and I'm wondering if there are any other school out there with nursing programs that allow you to go part time evenings/weekends for classes and clinicals. Can anyone tell me of any others? Thank you.
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    MSON is the only diploma program in Charlotte and don't know of any BSN programs that are part-time. One option might be to pursue an LPN program. ECPI and South Piedmont both have one. I know several schools (Mercy included) offer a LPN-RN bridge program that you could complete while working as a LPN. Perhaps not the most ideal option but an option nonetheless. Good luck to you.
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    Well, I had the same thought and called CPCC about their ADN program, but the classes/clinicals are all during the day. I really need something nights/weekends. Thanks. I"ll keep looking.