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novant new grad

  1. 0 Did anyone attend the new grad blitz Interview on Jan 10 and if so, have you gotten a response? I can't get a hold of the recruiter and the suspence is killing me!
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    I did. I was hired.
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    Me too. We must be in orientation together :-)
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    I'm applying for the upcoming term (in Charlotte area). I applied previously as a nursing student but didn't not hear back from them.
    I would really appreciate if you two could share any tips or input about increasing the chance of getting selected for the interview.

    Thank you!
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    Get you NIHSS certification and ACLS. I did not get an offer where I interviewed but the manager was impressed id gone ahead with my NIHSS and referred me to the neuro manager. A week later I was offered the job.
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    Is this the new Novant Hospital in Supply? I am considering moving back to the area after I finish my RN BSN. I currently reside in East TN. Would you tell me the pay scale for the area? Thanks.