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  1. [FONT=Bookman Old Style]I am looking to find a TEAS study session, group or class. I live near New Bern and MCAS Cherry Point/Havelock NC, which is about 1.5 hours from Greenville, Jacksonville, Morehead City and Atlantic Beach. Any of those cities would be great!

    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]I took the test today made a 70%....I had a 90% in reading, 70% in reading, 50% in science and 70% in English/Grammar. I have 20 bonus points so my total score was a 90% which means I may or not may not have made it into the LPN program at Craven Community College (CCC) for the fall of 2010...

    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]This being said...I have seen classes and study sessions in larger cities and was wondering if there are any in the area? CCC has a RN program which starts in Jan 2011...I would like to apply in June 2010 and take the TEAS again in August 2010...with more knowledge and get a better score...I need like a 115% to get in the AND program...
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