NC license verification

  1. This is to anyone trying to verify if their license has been issued. The search engine on the website does not work if you use Firefox, even if you have the required system, you need to use internet explorer. I called the NCBON and they said they were getting a lot of phone calls regarding it so I thought i'd post info on here.
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  3. by   Turd Ferguson
    Yeah I figured this one out on my own trying to check... ended up downloading Google Chrome and it works fine

    Thanks for the info.
  4. by   roseglasses
    I wonder how long after you pass nclex does your name show up on the boards????
  5. by   Casey, RN
    The students in my class who took it the first week of june had it show up right away (within 48 hours), but the ones who have just taken it this Monday are still waiting. I'm assuming, as more students are taking it, the longer it will take to show up just because of the volume :-(
  6. by   fsmith40
    i have also heard 48 hours was the norm for posting as long as all your paperwork was in.
  7. by   Casey, RN
    My license actually posted in less than 24 hours on the BON website :-) i was shocked to see it so soon!