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NC License issue timeframe

  1. 0 Just took my NCLEX yesterday and I was wondering how long it takes for NC to issue the RN license, the website states approximately 4 weeks .
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    Sorry to tell all of you looking to get license in North Carolina after NCLEX , the site says up to 4 weeks and intend to use just about all 4 weeks. They are slow as molasses! I'm from Maryland all my friends got their licenses after 1-2 days. Not me..... still waiting! I've been told at least 2-4 weeks. Why? You don't even get a card. It took them 4 weeks to send my ATT. Hope that helps.
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    Several people from my class took the NCLEX on June 10 and were listed on the state's website by June 13.
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    If I remember correctly the listing online occurs much quicker then actual license coming in the mail. If they can look your license up online your set.