Moving to NC Coast after College Any Ideas?

  1. 0 Hello, all! I am a LPN going thru LMU in East TN for my RN. I was raised in Southport/Oak Island area of NC. I have lived in East TN for the past few years and my whole career as a nurse. When I finish obtaining my RN, I am going to move back to the NC coast. However, I need to move where work is readily available as well as an aesthetically pleasing area. I prefer close to the beach if not on it. How is Wilmington for nurses? I prefer to live in a smaller community, however, there are less jobs and pay is lower. Anybody have a clue of an area I should look at?
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    Oh, and any info on Wilmington salary and Brunswick County salary would be appreciated.
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    If you go to the hospitals website and look up the RN positions it will tell you the minimum and midpoint salary

    Im in Raleigh and its about $21+ to start

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