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Moses Cone or Home Health in Greensboro

  1. 0 I'm going to be relocating to Greensboro soon and I'm wondering if anyone works for the Moses Cone system. I went to a job fair recently and the recruiters were unbelievably nice. I'm also wondering about pay for an RN in a physician's office. They have a couple of office jobs posted. I'm coming from Florida where there's a huge pay cut if you work in a doctor's office. I work in the office of a home health care agency now and would not be opposed to doing the same in Greensboro.
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    I've worked as an ICU RN @ Moses Cone for a little over 6 months and can tell you this health care system is an amazing place to work. (I worked at a community hospital for almost 2 years before coming to Cone) From staffing, to management, to co-workers I have not had a single complaint.
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    Thanks! I just couldn't believe how nice the recruiters were. I thought it was too good to be true!
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    Do you still work there? How has the experience been at Moses Cone?