LPN to BSN in North Carolina

  1. 0 Please share your experiences about any LPN to BSN bridge programs throughout North Carolina. Thank you
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    There aren't any in NC. Indiana State University has one that is distant ed. You can set up clinicals at local hospitals in NC. Its not that expensive but you have to take alot of prerequisites. You have to be a motivated learner and it take at least 2-4 years to complete based on the prerequistes that you have take.
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    Actually, thats not true. I know for sure that NC A&T has an LPN to BSN bridge and I think UNCG and WSSU both have those programs as well...
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    Thank you- I'm going to do some research on those schools. I'll post an update of any further info.
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    Are you interested in LPN to ADN programs? It would be easy from there to complete a BSN.

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