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LPN/LVN Job Eastern NC

  1. 0 I am a new graduate from Craven Community College in New Bern, NC and I am looking for a job. I am having a tough time find a job since everywhere seems to require 12 months experience to even consider you for a job. I will work in Greenville, Jacksonville, New Bern, Morehead City, and Pamlico County just to name a few. I have even considered 13 week travel assignments and would be opposed to part time as long as it was full days (like 6 to 12 hours a couple days a week). I have 14 months CNA experience in Home Health and worked last spring in LTC before going to Home Health. I have a Medical Office Tech Cert. and an Associates Degree in Education in addition to my LPN diploma.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Or know of any job openings? I have applied 2 flu clinics and will probley do those part-time in the fall, but I need a permanent job.
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    I am a new LPN graduate as well from LCC (Lenoir Community in Kinston), Id check reflector.com and click on jobs in the upper right hand corner, or even craigslist under eastern NC and medical/health job listings i check those two places everyday, ive applied for two flu clinics as well!