Kaplan entrance exam at queens university

  1. 0 Good Morning, has anyone taken the kaplan nursing entrance exam at queens university? I would like some input on how hard or easy the exam.
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    I took it a couple months ago. The reading/writing were extremely easy, and the math was no big deal (mostly basic arithmetic with no calculator allowed).

    The science was harder -- probably more so for me than it would be for you, because I had not yet taken A&P. The test was very heavy on the Anatomy -- nothing like the TEAS, which is more random in the areas of science covered.

    They give you 2 hours and 45 minutes, of which I used about half. You work at your own pace -- once you're done with a section, you move on instead of waiting for the rest of the students.

    Also, it was my first time visiting the campus, and the Admissions staff was very friendly and easy-going. It was not at all intimidating. But finding a parking spot -- and finding the school again once I did find an open deck -- was the hardest part of the entire day. So allow an extra half-hour for that.

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