Just wondering???

  1. 0 Hi everyone..I'm currently enrolled at a community college working on my ADN. I have a B.A. in history that I earned in 2011. I was wondering if I should get my lpn license first and than continue on with the RN or do the lpn and try to find a lpn to bsn??

    Also how much does the ABSN program cost at a state supported school?

    What do you all think???
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    Hi! I have a BA in communications and am currently taking prerequisites for an ADN program. If i do not get accepted into an ADN program for Fall 14, my back up plan is to go the LPN route and then into an RN transition program. I graduated college in 2006 anf gave been working full time since. Oh and I also have a family. Since you graduated fairly recently and may or may not be working full time, I would go straight through to become am RN. I think UNC-CH ABSN is abt 20K. WSSU IS probably mote affordable. I personally would go this route if I could because it is FT and takes about 16-18 months to complete. Since I have to work the ADN route is more appealing. Good Luck with whatever you decide!

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