1. They are both smaller programs, so there may not be a lot known here about them on here. I got accpted to both programs. LCC is my home school, and it WAS my first choice, but I think now I would like to go to JSCC (because it's about 10 miles from my house) but everyone I speak to says NO don't go there. They say this because of them being on "warning status" because of low NCLEX scores, none of them have actually been in either program.

    I don't understand why JSCC is on "warning status" because the last two years they have been over 90% pass rate, while LCC's have been lower, yet everyone says LCC is one of the better nursing schools in our little area.

    JSCC seems to only graduate about 15 out of 40 and LCC about 20-25 out of 40.

    Anyone have any input?
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