Job options in Raleigh for experienced Nurse

  1. I am a nurse in Oregon with 7+ years experience in tele and ortho/trauma. I also worked agency part of that time. Am considering moving to Raleigh, NC / Triangle area. What is the job market looking like out there? Ideally I would like to come out as agency but I dont think many hospitals are hiring out for that. And what does the hourly wage look like for an experienced nurse at any of the main hospitals? I hear the south is considerably less than the west coast. Any info helps.

    Thanks all!!
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  3. by   ItsTheDude
    sorry no one for the raliegh area has responded, seems to be a lot of like q's about the triangle area, guess it's a combo of the job and ed opportunities that bring ppl there.
  4. by   AshleyA
    there are a lot of people coming into the carolinas and that has made the job market very tough for nurses. there are very few open positions and a lot of nurses are competing for them. the pay is going to be less, probably in the $25/hour range.

    i would recommend you find a job before moving.