How far is Charlotte from the ocean? How far is Charlotte from the ocean? | allnurses

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How far is Charlotte from the ocean?

  1. 0 I have been offered a job in Charlotte. Relocating from Florida & don't want to be too far from the ocean. Can anyone tell me how long a drive it is?
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    Off the top of my head, I estimate Charlotte to be around 6 or 7 hours from the nearest beach (correct me if I'm wrong).
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    i live right near charlotte, its about 4 hours to myrtle beach sc.
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    It is approx 4-5 hours depending on the beach you want to go to. I am 2 1/2 hrs from Charlotte and 1 1/2 to Myrtle Beach.
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    LOL, thanks for the correction. I was thinking of the NC beaches in my vicinity. I forgot about SC :imbar