How do I get my CNA I after 1/2 of PN school?

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    In our syllabus they told us that after our first semester of PN school we could become certified as a CNA I. How do I go about doing this? I don't know how to set this up or anything; I suppose I could ask at school (but i'm avoiding it because we're about to start with two brand new teachers for the new semester :-P) but if anyone here knows, then that saves me the trouble. Thanks guys
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    Hi, you have to take the CNAI exam. The only difference being in nursing school is that you will check that your are qualifying for the exam as a student. The exam is the same as if you were challenging it, or taking a CNAI class. To apply follow this link:
    Good luck on the exam.
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    Also check out this website: An RN by the name of Danielle Hossler offers CNA training classes at a much lower cost than those programs you will find run by schools and universities. Good luck.