1. i am an rn at wakemed on medical step-down unit and have been a nurse for 2 years now. i am desperately tired of hospital nursing and working the dreaded night shift. i am really interested in hospice/home care nursing and the flexibility in your daily routine -> not having the same place every day, not sitting in the same spot, etc. i have applied to duke and unc hospice positions and was just wondering if it's easy to get a job in this field without "home health" experience.

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  3. by   AlsgalRN
    I see that you applied for hospice positions at Duke and UNC. I would recommend that you consider Hospice of Wake County. My husband died 6 weeks ago under their care. He received care at home for as long as was possible and then moved to the hospice center for the last days of his life. They took excellent care of us. They gave me the ability to stop being his nurse so I could be his wife.
    Good luck in your job search!