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    My name is Chelsea, and I live in Illinois right now, but I will be moving to NC in about three weeks. I will be moving into Onslow County, and I hope to get a job quickly! I'm also going to need friends! hehehe I have a lot of questions, but I will see if I can find them in previous posts! See you around!

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    Hello Chelsea !

    And welcome to Allnurses .

    Hope you will find the BB helpful and fun.

    I live in walking distance to N.C., I'm right on the Va./N.C. line in the southwest corner of Va. near Allegheny and Surry counties.

    What exactly will you be hoping to find as far as employment.. where are your interests?
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    Well, right now I work in a nursing home. We have a subacute unit with trachs and vent. Thank goodness with have a respiratory dept as well! I would like to to Geriatrics, but if that isn't availible, whatever is. I'm not really experienced in nursing yet, so I don't know what I like and don't like. Anyone know of any good places around Jacksonville/Onslow County? Thanks!

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