Hi! I'm new here

  1. My name is Chelsea, and I live in Illinois right now, but I will be moving to NC in about three weeks. I will be moving into Onslow County, and I hope to get a job quickly! I'm also going to need friends! hehehe I have a lot of questions, but I will see if I can find them in previous posts! See you around!
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  3. by   jnette
    Hello Chelsea !

    And welcome to Allnurses .

    Hope you will find the BB helpful and fun.

    I live in walking distance to N.C., I'm right on the Va./N.C. line in the southwest corner of Va. near Allegheny and Surry counties.

    What exactly will you be hoping to find as far as employment.. where are your interests?
  4. by   luckyangel
    Well, right now I work in a nursing home. We have a subacute unit with trachs and vent. Thank goodness with have a respiratory dept as well! I would like to to Geriatrics, but if that isn't availible, whatever is. I'm not really experienced in nursing yet, so I don't know what I like and don't like. Anyone know of any good places around Jacksonville/Onslow County? Thanks!