Headed to Charlotte/Waxhaw area

  1. 0 Finally! We sold our home in NY and headed down there soon!! Anyone here from there??
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    I never personally lived in Waxhaw, but my in-laws lived there for a few years. I've lived in Monroe, Weddington, and Wesley Chapel (all near Waxhaw). Now I'm on the other side of Charlotte near Gastonia, and I do miss Union County sometimes.
    Waxhaw was a very nice town from what I remember. You get that southern small town feel while still being near a big city. Commuting from that area to Charlotte was always tough during rush hours, though.
    Good luck with your move!
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    I left Charlotte back in the early 90's, so I don't have any current info to share. Just wish you well. I miss the city and climate!
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    If you need any info drop me an email. I'll help you anyway I can.
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    I live in downtown Charlotte, and LOVE it. Chicken me if I can answer anything for you!
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    Thank you to all you Southern folk that offered advise and suport! I can't wait to get there!!!!

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