Gaston College LPN Program 2012

  1. Has anyone on here enrolled in or has applied for the Gaston College 2012 LPN program? I have. I have 10 points (if I get an A in my English class, I will have 9 points if I get a B.) I was wondering if anyone knew what the cut off is, point wise, for this years admittance?
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  3. by   Minnie02
    Hi! Just want to ask if you have applied for the LPN program at Gaston College. Also wanted to ask do classes transfer from a different state?
  4. by   Hunter123
    I asked when I applied a week or so ago. The points cutoff depends on that year's applicants since they take the highest amount earned. I asked the department's secretary what the points cutoff was for the 2011 year, and she said 55 people had 9 points or higher and 20 had 8 points. She also said, on average from previous years, the average points needed were around 9 to get in. Hope this helps!
  5. by   Thujone
    Excellent, I have 10 points, so I should get in.

    Thank you.