FTCC ADN program schedule questions.

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    Hi there,

    I beieve I am ready to enter the ADN program this next fall at FTCC! I hear the schedule is killer. I have two little ones and am stressing about making sure I have a plan in place for them. Can anyone please tell me what the hours are like? I hear there is an AM and a PM class schedule. Is there any way to pick one over the other? If you could let me know what to expect with the hours, I would be so greatful. Thanks so much.

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    Hello and welcome to the site.

    I moved your thread to the NC Nursing Programs Discussion forum where hopefully you will get some helpful responses.

    Good Luck!
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    I too applied to FTCC for this fall... i'm not sure about the schedule but i did hear the curriculum is killer. i'm not sure if they offer PM classes i've only heard of AM.

    But good luck and maybe we'll be classmates... woo hoo
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    woops i just noticed you are from fayetteville not winston.. i was talking about forsyth tech cc not fayetteville sorry.

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