first semester ADN program and may not pass

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    Hi, this is my first semester of the RN program and I need 5 points (im at 75.1% now) to pass with 80% which is a C. I have taken 7 tests and I have 1 left which is the final exam next week. The final is worth 30%. so I calculated my final average and I need to make a 90% to make my 80 to pass this semester. which sucks. it will have 100 questions so I cannot miss more than 10. That's scary. I struggled and tried so hard this semester and I finally think I got used to the "NCLEX style questions." which aren't really that hard it was hard to me because i suffered from anxiety but I managed to manage it and I feel better that I can pass these tests with no problem next semester. hopefully! but I want to know if anyone was or is in the same situation below average for passing and pulled your grade up on the last test or 2. I just need some inspiration that it can be done by hearing other people's story... that made it the last minute.


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