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entering Fall 2011 students from NC - anyone?

  1. 0 I'm trying to see if there is anyone on this forum that is starting nursing school this fall in North Carolina. I feel like I'm the only one and there are SOOOO many nursing schools in NC (heck, we've even got 4 med schools)

    If there is anyone else out there, holler back!

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    Hi Sandanrnstudent-

    I noticed on one of your threads that you will be attending NCC. Are you referring to Nash CC. If so, I will also be a studentl. I have just one question? What books should we take on the first day? I'm thinking the concepts book.
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    Starting Thursday I will be an ADN student here in NC. Trust me, you are not alone. Good luck!
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    I waited too long to look in to the programs so I won't be starting this fall...so, Fall 2012 it is! Best of Luck!
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    Hi Jesskidding-

    I guess if I had taken the time to look at the online syllabus, I would have known. Best wishes to you also!

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