Duke orientation Jan/Feb 2013

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    Okay, who else is starting at Duke in the next couple of months? I'd love to hear from my future coworkers. Where are you coming from, and where are you working?

    I'm a December 2012 graduate, starting SNIP orientation for ICN in late January. I've lived in Durham for most of my time in nursing school, and I LOVE this area! I'm so happy to have secured a job in what I've adopted as my new hometown.

    Tell me about yourselves!

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    Would you mind telling us what base rate they offered you? I started the new grad program February 2012 and the rumor is that the new grad hires are now making more than us... just wondering if that's true. :/
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    I interviewed last week for ortho SNIP. Hope to have good news!!I would be a feb orientee, I believe. Big IF
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    Got the ortho SNIP!!!!!!!! Feb 11 start date (orientation)
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