Duke Medical Center New Grad 2013

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    Applications opened up for Duke University Medical Center for New Grads! I thought I would start a topic so everyone can know what's going on, and be a source of encouragement. Good luck on the applications, and let us know if anything happens!

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    I applied, anyone else.
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    I start in July in the MICU!
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    I applied
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    Whoa, hadn't realized Duke was going to open up more spots! Thank you SO MUCH for the posting! I applied and selected Neuro ICU as my first choice.
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    I applied at the end of last month but status online hasn't changed and haven't heard anything...
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    That's really weird. Maybe they were trying to group you in with the New Grad program now. Did you try to call them and ask?
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    I'm not sure. But I'm not graduating until August so maybe they are holding off for that reason?
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    Anyone get the email from Duke? Very nice of them to update so quickly.
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    Quote from FaithfulAlways
    Anyone get the email from Duke? Very nice of them to update so quickly.
    I didn't get an email from them. Was it scheduling you for an interview, general information...? Just checked my spam folder and it didn't get caught there, so I guess not everyone received an email. :/

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