Does anyone know the detail of the evening/weekend program at Mercy SON in NC?

  1. 0 I can't attend their information until January and am eager to know how the evening/weekend program works - what days, times, etc. When is class and when is clinical? How many people are in the program? If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Not sure if you are still looking for this info...but I will start the evening/weekend program at Mercy in August 2011. We have class from 6-10 two nights a week and clinicals are every Saturday from 645-3. Class size varies. Enrollment for eve/week program is only in August. It depends on how many people want day from august acceptances and how many people want eve/week. Our class size will be very small starting next month (prob under 10) because most of the people accepted chose the day program this time.

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