CCHS 2012 Spring Hopefulls (Charlotte, NC)

  1. Anyone else nervous about the notifications coming out at the end of the month?
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  3. by   TrophyWife
    Which CCHS are you referring to? Carolinas or Cabarrus?
  4. by   DeepDimples
  5. by   SpEdtacular
    My husband applied and is anxiously awaiting an answer
  6. by   TrophyWife
    It's a great school. Good luck!
  7. by   DeepDimples
    well I called the school and they are sending the letters out the end of next week!!! Ahhhh Im so nervous
  8. by   wish2be
    Anyone get in????
  9. by   RunnerRN2015
    Quote from wish2be
    Anyone get in????
    I applied after the deadline for Pre-Nursing and was pleasantly surprised to find out yesterday that I was placed on the alternate list! I didn't think I had a shot at spring at all so I'm excited to think about spring being a possibility. And now I feel better about the possibility of being accepted for summer or fall 2012.