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    Hey everyone! Sorry if this has been asked before but I looked through some other threads and didn't find it. I am applying to CCHS for Fall 2014 admission. I have a Bachelors and have taken all the classes I need except for microbiology, which I will probably take over the summer. Do I have enough qualifications to apply directly to the nursing program or should I go for pre-nursing? Thanks!
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    I believe you do have the qualifications but you can always make sure by calling the school. I applied for Spring 2014, I had all the classes except for ACT/SAT scores. I don't know if you'll be required to take the ACTs having that you already have a bachelor's. Well, that's the other question to ask when you call for more information. Good luck to you. I will apply for Fall 2014 too.
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    I took the SAT a long time ago but luckily I was able to get a copy of my scores. Thanks for the info! Good luck to you as well. Who knows, maybe we will end up in the same class!