Cape Fear Residency-typical schedule? Cape Fear Residency-typical schedule? | allnurses

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Cape Fear Residency-typical schedule?

  1. 0 Hi, I have an interview in a few weeks for a residency(FCCU and Med Surg) at Cape Fear Valley Health. Could anyone tell me what a typical schedule looks like in this program?

    I know in a typical nursing job here, you tend to work 3-4 12 hour shifts a week and wasn't sure if it is the same with the residency program.
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    Im in the program now. Its starts off all class time 4-5 days a weeks for like 8 hours then as you begin to work on the floor its like 2 class and 2 12 hour sifts a week then transitions to all shifts on the floor in the lat month of the residency.
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    Thanks for the response! I am really excited for the interview!