Calling all College of the Albemarle (CoA) nursing students!

  1. I'm look for nursing students at the College of the Albemarle (CoA) in Elizabeth City, NC! I starred a Facebook group for us as well--join me here or on there to talk about the program, whether you're pre-nursing, ADN, LPN, or a professor! I'm starting the ADN program in fall and just got my CNA certification. I'll be in A&P 1 and 2 this summer. Hope to meet some of you!

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  3. by   sik0123
    I'll be there in the fall as well! This wouldn't happen to be the Julie who sits next to me in A&P I, is it?
  4. by   queenjulie
    LOL--probably! Too funny. I'll see you at the test tomorrow morning!