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    Hello everyone!!
    I am currently a student at a local community college (wake technical C.C). I been trying to search the best nursing school to get my RN in North Carolina?? I am planing to transfer soon to a 4 year school.I know this is a hard question to answer....But a top 5 school list would really be helpful!I currently have a 3.2 gpa and planing to get my CNA in the summer. I have one more year at wake tech to finish up all my pre-reqs and boost up my gpa. Any hints or tips on getting my RN??
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    I would suggest that you stay at your college and then do a RN to BSN. Over here in Greensboro UNCG require that you have a 3.0, but most of the time if your GPA is under a 3.7 you don't get admitted. That's not even the best school in N.C. I would also suggest that you look into Central university, WWSU, and A&T. You probably have a good chance to get into one of those schools.

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