Asheville and Charlotte areas

  1.'s the deal. I am an NNP student graduating in December looking to relocate. I am trying to find out as much info as I can about certain areas that interest me. I am really looking at Asheville, although don't know about finding an NNP job there (Mission isn't hiring NNP's right now). I am also really interested in Charlotte. Would someone be able to give me a little more info on these cities???

    I am trying to find out things like the best areas of town to live...I like an older neighborhood with lots of trees and houses that have character (no cookie cutter, brand spanking new houses for me!!). I like to see people walking around with their dogs and kids, etc. It's also nice to have little artsy, eclectic coffee shops and bookstores nearby...I think I am looking for something a little more "bohemian" in nature. I don't mind being right in town as long as there are trees and yards and just really a good mix of people...families, students, singles, etc. Ok, does this place exist?!!
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