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Any graduated Watts School of Nursing Students

  1. 0 I wanted to know if there were any Watts School of Nursing students who went on to acquire their BSN? If so, did any of your Watts credits transfer over? Which school did you attend?
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    I would think you just would go through MOC. At the mandatory meeting we were told that we would automatically be enrolled in the BSN program at MOC if we so choose after graduation AND it would all be online.

    Im starting in 2 weeks...can't wait!

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    Yes, that would be if I chose to go to MOC. What if I chose to go somewhere else?
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    Im just wondering if you still remember the entrance exam test for Watts?

    I am studying for it and what i have is the Allied Helath Book.. what is that good enough to study or should i get the ARCO book too? i just want to pass and asking for help if you can get back to me asap


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