Advice for LMBT, Birth Doula, CNA & RN prereq student

  1. Happy New Year!!!

    I hope I am posting this in the proper forum.

    I am a 43 year old massage therapist & birth doula, about to begin my CNA 1 and prereq classes at Durham Tech. My plan/hope is to get my CNA license in June and get a job at UNC, while I continue to pursue nursing school. Eventually, I would like to get either my NP or CNM. I have read a few posts about new CNAs not having much success obtaining a hospital position and am wondering if there is anything I should be doing to make myself a better candidate. I am willing to take a position in any department to get experience. Wondering if I should try voluteering as a doula at UNC (since L & D is a long term goal) or what other advice you may have.

    Thank you in advance for any reply!

    Peace, love & babies,

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  3. by   VickyRN
    You most likely will need to go on and get your CNA II in order to secure employment in one of the UNC hospitals. Best wishes to you in the New Year
  4. by   lmbtdoula
    Thank you Vicky. I had considered that this may be required. We shall see.