What NICU'S are hiring?

  1. 0 I am very interested in nicu nursing. I have a year experience in medsurg and one year postpartum.
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    That's a very general question. Check with your local hospitals websites or HR. Good luck and best wishes.
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    I live in PA, willing to relocate to NC or CA. Would like to know what NICU's hire nurses with med/surg and mother/baby experience?
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    Well, I'm not in Cali or NC. I'm betting CA still isn't hiring unless you have current vast experience in that field. Texas (where I am) is still hiring. My hospital still hires regularly, even new grads or nurses without experience in NICU. Problem is, I hear we have hundreds of apps from across the nation for every position. Generally the new grads "know somebody".


    We are one of the only local level III NICU's that will still hire RN's w/o a BSN. I have fear this may change so I am working on mine just in case my job situation isn't as stable as I think it is.

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