We are soooo busy! What about you?

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    take it as a challenge dear.
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    take it as a challenge dear
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    We have been off and on busy...we too had 50 kids Last summer we had 58 kids pretty consistently. It seems that summer brings them on...barometric changes, heat, all things that lead into labor.

    Hang in there.
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    It will pass. We were hella busy last month, got like 5 25 weekers, 2 24 weekers. We were suffing them in a closet we were so full! (joke!) We had to devert to a nearby hospital for two days. It's strating to taper now.
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    Dear lord! We are one of the three major metro NICU's in our area, and we have 15 in our level III and only 10 or so in our Level II! Where are you working that you have fifty babies on the unit? I'd love to hear more about your hospital...
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    Last edit by lily0004us on Nov 21, '02
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    When I first started in my unit 3 years ago our census was 65! We had been in incentive pay. This week-end we have 28! But the worst thing is that we can barely keep it staffed for that...even though we have over 100 nurses! Its really strange!
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    It has been super busy. We think its due to the post Sept 11. NICU has sent level II nursery all the nipple/gavage feeder and growers because they are swamped.
    Seems to be lots of twins lately too

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