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Questions about new grad NICU training

  1. 0 I graduate in May and am researching new grad programs in the NICU. I was just wondering how long a typical orientation is for new grads? I want to be sure I will be getting the best training possible to do my job. What should I be looking for?
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    I had (and have heard it's typical) 12 weeks orientation as a new grad in the NICU.
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    You're orientation in a specialty area should be at least three months. You'll be with a preceptor and should meet with your preceptor and manager periodically to go over your performance. You should be given a skills checklist where you can check off skills you've performed. Your preceptor will also rate you on your skill performance.If you're at a hospital that supports growth and development, they'll likely send you to conferences and other educational activities.Try to look for nursing residency programs. Good luck!

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