PDA Ligations

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    Had a kid tonight that has had 7 doses of Indocin for PDA. Still has a 2mm PDA w/ L to R shunting. I started dose #8 tonight and she will be getting a total dose of 11. If it doesn't close she's going to have a ligation. This is the only kid in a long time that this has happened to. Maybe it is a bad batch.

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    lily & Heather, can you check the lot #?
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    That's interesting! But I can only think of two in the past few weeks.
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    It just seems to me that we are ligating them quicker than we used to. Especially kids with bleeds. It does seem to go in spurts though where we will have all of them done at one time...we had 5 done one day..that made for a fun day!

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