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  1. 0 Hello ohsu NICU nurses!

    I have a question for you. I have applied to the resource "new grad" position in your unit. I was wondering if the manager in your department was the kind that would appreciate a drop-by to his/her office to hand in a resume and put a face with a name? It seems that some managers today strongly dislike this while others see it as a positive thing. I am not a new grad, have 5 years in ED and high acuity adult ICU, but growing up I was able to shadow with my uncle who was an NPS RT (out of state) many times and I am very aware of what NICU is like. Sadly, my nursing school could not offer any of us NICU time or even newborn nursery...and believe me I tried! I also have my CNRN, which included many questions on neonatal neuro problems (it covers ALL age groups). Some say it is a peds national certification, others do not. For these reasons, I would like to speak with the manager instead of recruiters. Are they amicable to drop bys?

    Thank you so much in advance for your tips!!!
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    I was wondering if you ever called and if you ended up getting the job? I have applied for their new grad opening in the NICU, any tips?

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