NICU specifically MA/RI border. Second Career

  1. 0 apologize in advance if this makes little sense and rambles. The basics are I am interested in nursing as a second career. At this moment I believe NICU is where I am meant to be. I realize that could change once I am in school and working, but for now from various experiences in my personal life that is where I believe I am meant to be. I have so many questions. For starters, is it likely to be hired in in the NICU right after grad and with an ADN? I ask because most likely I will be enrolling in and completing an ADN program. I know everyone says the right and smart thing to do is get the BSN right away. But, I have to work full time right now, and to my knowledge the only programs available to me are ADN. Once completed I do plan on going RN- BSN online. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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    I don't know about your area, but I was hired directly into a level 3B NICU as a new grad ADN.

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