Neonatal Transport Competency

  1. I am trying to find standards on how many flights per year a neonatal transport team member should have to stay competent. It seems some of the team are always on when there is a flight and others never get a flight. Do you have suggestions as to ensure flight competency?
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  3. by   GreyGull
    We have a yearly safety inservice to stay up to date for functioning in and around the helicopter and the plane safely. We are also reminded of safety issues for being in and around the ground ambulances as well.

    Now if you are referring to direct care competencies, since neonatal teams are usually dedicated specialists, regardless of how many flights they get, their training and competencies are never ending in the NICU. This is even after the mandatory 2 - 5 years of experience of working with hundreds or thousands of babies before being able to apply for the team. Some can't apply on their own but must wait until the medical director of the NICU extends an invitation for them to apply. The team members still must meet all the education requirements and perform the skills regardless of how many flights they do each year. The helicopter is just another place to do what they do every shift.
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