Need help from a Neonatal NP!!

  1. 0 Hi guys,

    I am a NICU nurse who is currently taking core classes for my MSN. I hope to eventually begin the NNP program at my university next year. For one of my courses, I am supposed to interview an NNP and write a paper about it. The person I was interviewing fell through, and I am DESPERATE to find someone willing to answer the 10 questions I have. Unforunately, the hospital that I work at staffs NPs during the day and I never have the pleasure of working with them since I work night shift, and I don't know any of them.

    I have 10 questions ranging from why did you become an APN to what advice do you have. I can send these via email or however you like. As part of the project, I also need to submit a copy of your CV or resume (names, etc can be changed for privacy). If anybody at all is interested, please please let me know. Again, I am desperate!

    Thanks so much!!
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