NCC Certification

  1. :angel2: hi! anyone have a favorite book that they used to study for neonatal ncc certification?
    thanks for all your help.
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  3. by   Ginarrnc
    the AWHONN Core Curriculum is the best comprehensive book.
    Also the practice test question book that goes with it!
  4. by   Tiki_Torch
    I have to agree with Ginarrnc concerning the Core Curriculum books. The main book is a really good nuts and bolts book covering nearly everything, and the Review book is excellent as it has questions very similar to the ones on the test. A real plus is that at the back of the book you are given the answers along with rationales and even more references about the subject in case you would like to study a bit more on that certain area.

    Core Curriculum for Intensive Care Neonatal Nursing, 3rd Edition, Edited by M. Terese Verklan and Marlene Walden. ISBN# 0721603947 $69.95
    on Amazon.

    Core Review Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing, Edited by Robin L. Watson. ISBN# 0721696805 $46.95 on Amazon.

    Good luck! I worked in a Level III NICU for just over 2 years, studied pretty regularly for about 4 months before taking the test and passed, thankfully, on my first attempt. You can too!! :hatparty: