Mock codes?

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    How are your mock codes done? Are they spur of the moment? Do you keep a list of the responders?

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    We only do mock codes with our NRP recerts. We usually don't have the time or staff to set up a mock code and do it correctly with a briefing after.
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    Our mock codes are done monthly, I believe, from 0745-0815. Someone, not sure who, keeps track of the attendees since we must attend a mock code or a real code during our non-NRP re-certification years. One of the NNPs brings a simBaby into one of the pods and the mock code is done there so it is convenient to attend.
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    Thank you! We had been offering them with meetings but no one would sign up. So we are planning on doing them without notice to the staff working.
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    They are done randomly. Our educator will literally throw a baby into the hall and say code pink lol

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