Med Surg to NICU

  1. Hello experienced NICU nurses. I am currently thinking about a career change from med/surg nursing to NICU and I am wondering if anybody has any opinions/suggestions about this switch. It is obvious from reading the posted threads that everybody in NICU loves it, however, I am wondering if there are any nurses out there who started in a different area of nursing and how the transition went for them. Hope to hear back from all you happy NICU nurses!!!
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  3. by   Sk8mannate
    I currently just got off orientation in a level III eq and like you said I LOVE MY JOB! I cannot relate from a transition from any ward but I can surely speak of the transition from nursing school. I was extremely blessed and lucky to acquire a job straight out of nursing school. Regardless all I have to say is whatever the transition is a NICU nurse is made from the NICU, nowhere else. Your experience will aid but everyone in the NICU is foreign when they first start, I struggled immensely but I made it and so can you.