In need of Neonatal CEU's; please post your favorite/best CEU sites and courses

  1. 0 Getting ever closer to having to renew our licenses!! I am wanting to know what are some great sites to receive Neonatal Specific CEU's, NICU education/courses, and whatever else you think may be helpful here.

    Also, what are your favorite or most beneficial NICU courses/CEU's that you have taken or would highly recommend to other NICU/Nursery nurses or potential neonatal nurses.

    I would really appreciate a lot of responses/feedback on this. This would also make for a good STICKY!!
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    0 and are both great sites for CEU's. Also, if the STABLE program is offered in your area that is another great resource.
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    I second NICUniversity!
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    If you are a member of ANN, you get 15 free CEUs/year. You can do them from the journal or thier website.

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