I hope I get the interview...

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    A week ago, I contacted one recruiter just to check if he had any job opportunity. Turns out that he did...a NICU opening. Since I worked in NICU five years ago, he said he would send my info immediately to the nurse recruiter. She then passed the info to the Director of Nursing on Friday, and my recruiter said he should hear from the Director by today.
    He has not called me, so I am guessing, he doesn't have any news.
    I'm not sure how these things work. I just hope they call me for an interview at least. NICU is my dream job, the only nursing field I REALLY want to work in. I would work any nursing job, but my heart belongs to NICU. Ugh, I am too excited; I don't want to get the call saying that they found someone else...
    Any thoughts?

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