HELP! Moving to LA 2 job offers HELP! Moving to LA 2 job offers | allnurses

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HELP! Moving to LA 2 job offers

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    Hi everyone! I'm moving to LA from michigan and have 2 job offers. I'm so lost bc I don't know which job to take. I think both hospitals are awesome opportunities and at this point I need help on which is a better place to work. I am a NICU nurse coming from a level 3 NICU in Michigan...
    I have an offer from children's already with good pay and haven't hear from cedars what theory would be yet.. Children's is a level 4 and cedar level 3 like where I'm coming from. Any advise is appreciated!!! Both are NICU jobs.
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    My first thought would be to take the offer you already have from Children's, but I really don't know the difference between them
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    Definitely CHLA