Career pathway for Advance Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

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    Does any ANNP's out there have a formal career pathway that they would be willing to share? Perhaps a pathway to Neonatal Nurse Consultant?
    Corks :-)
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    Are you from the UK? Just because of the username/use of "cheers"

    If you are, then I would post this question in the UK nursing forum because I've only seen one or two UK nurses in this particular forum and there are a lot of senior nurses posting in the UK forum. I believe you do a Msc in Neonatal Nursing, but I wouldn't quote me on that. I've done a little bit of research because I may move to the UK in a few years (my husband is from the UK), but I haven't really looked that much into NP stuff, although I know that the UK doesn't have a licensing body for NPs.

    If you are in the US, you complete at least 2 years in a level III NICU at bedside and then complete a neonatal nurse practitioner degree (either MSN or DNP). There is a list of all the NNP programs known at the bottom of this page in one of the stickies.

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