Which RN refresher course to take in NY??

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    I've been picking apart my brain trying to decide whether i should go to Adelphi or Molloy College for the RN refresher course. I wanted initially to go with Adelphi because i've read that they provide a better course and better clinicals but Molloy has a more flexible schedule because you can attend their classes at night so i figured i'll go with Molloy. But when i went to this website, i've read a post where someone mentioned that nurse recruiters looked down upon her when she mentioned she took her course at Molloy so now, i'm having second thoughts again!!

    And then i found out today that Queensborough college is also offering a refresher course for the same price, about $2,000 but their schedule is more flexible than Adelphi and this school is only 10 minutes away from my house. Has anyone ever taken a RN refresher course from Queensborough? I would really appreciate your input!! Thanks
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    Did you go to any of these two? If yes which one. What is your experience.

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